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An unforgettable meeting
of cultures and people

Let millions of visitors from around the world participate in universal expositions with Vivaticket.


One of the most awaited and appreciated international events. A moment of reflection on contemporary topics of common interest.
A space where it is possible to meet distant worlds, give rise to cultural exchanges and identify proposals for the future.
The volume of visitors, typical of universal exhibitions, requires a system capable of responding to a wide demand for tickets,
which includes an organised network of access control and which favours the visitor experience in terms of integrated services,
waiting times and easy planning of the visits to the pavilions. Vivaticket, the only company in the world to have managed 3 expositions,
has the expertise and a solid, sophisticated and transversal system that allows the management of appointments of this calibre.
Thanks to the experience gained in the management of Expo, Vivaticket can offer all its customers these skills.

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System reliability and scalability

Vivaticket's systems allow the management of exceptional peaks, both from the point of view of web and onsite sales and from the point of view of Access Control.

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Performance Tuning

Vivaticket solution integrates numerous functions for the constant monitoring of the performance, in order to react to any circumstance with maximum effectiveness.

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Reseller management

The system offers a wide range of features to ensure the perfect management of retailers, whether they are travel agents, supermarket chains, banks, airlines or railways, hotels.

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B2B, Private Label & coupons

All the functions you need to manage your business customer and your business partnerships, through cutting-edge, flexible and performing tools.

Vivaticket has twenty years of experience in the management of Universal Expositions and other major exhibition events.

In fact, the group has been involved in many events, such as the Floriade Venlo of 2012, the Expo of Lisbon 1998, the Expo of Hannover 2000 and the Expo of Milan 2015.

And thanks to a long relationship with these customers, the group has been able to implement its skills and improve its offer.,An advantage that has been reflected in the everyday life of these realities. Taking advantage of Vivaticket's growth, they have achieved surprising results.