Vivaticket access-control solution is one of the system’s core features,
providing not just access to visitors but a wide range of features and business opportunities.

A unique factor to treat users to an unforgettable experience.

Hardware indipendent

Choose the device that is best suited to your needs, from full-height turnstiles to palmtops, from smartphone apps to tripod turnstiles.

There are no limits on the media you can use either, as they are compatible with all the main industry standards (barcode, QRcode, RFID, NFC and biometrics).

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Access policies

They can manage accesses and repeated accesses, access permits (per gate), score cards, time-limited accesses.

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Security checks

Check-in/check-out, anti-passback check, photo and biometric check, light and sound signal management.

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Group management

Easier admission of groups or families with one single ticket for multiple turnovers (available as single reading or multiple readings).

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Advanced station

With this advanced access-control station, you can promptly handle any customer problem, from sold out admissions to wrongd ates, you can associate or update your biometric profile, or directly offer and sell extra goods or services.

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Customer Screen

Take advantage of the moment your customers are coming in to tell them important information, advertising messages, even based on the user profile or purchasing flow.

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Mobile App

All of the access-control features will be available on your mobile devices as well with the iOS and Android app.

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